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I became interested in the porn-viewing habits of women, especially women of color, because I often see women and men talk about it with hesitation. Meredith Chivers found that the gender of the participants in porn didn’t matter much to the women watching.I did a quick survey of my Twitter followers and received 206 responses to six questions about viewing habits and preferences. Think most heterosexual women are checking out X-rated movies primarily to see fit, well-built, sexy men? Women respond to the level of activity before they respond to the gender of the actors doing the activities, she found.Others just want something fun to watch or seek to satisfy a lingering curiosity.The longstanding stereotype that porn is just for men is simply untrue.There’s a level of cultural affinity associated with the visual it seems, and if women are focusing on the fantasy aspect of porn, it might be easier to connect to the actors who are of the same race/ethnicity or women they’re used to seeing in their daily lives.I also asked the women to choose their top two reasons for watching these movies.Even more interesting is that 25% of women say they feel bad about the women being degraded but are still aroused, and 21% say they actually get off on the images of women being sexually degraded.Approximately 13 million women check out at least one porn site per month, according to Nielsen ratings.

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About 32% of the women surveyed say they avoid porn that degrades women, while 27% say they don’t feel bad watching porn that features women being degraded because they choose to make the videos.

“Porn provides an alternative way for women to satisfy their curiosity, learn more about sexuality, and explore sexual desires and sexual positions in the privacy of their home alone or with a partner,” says Ta Mara Campbell.

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