Updating pb

Choose "Battlefield 3" as game and make sure that the game path is your Battlefield 3 folder. Click "Check for Updates" If an update is available for Battlefield 3 PB, Punkbuster will start downloading it now. NORMAL procedure for allmost ALL games when updating Punkbuster. All attempts to correct including reinstalling punkbuster have failed. when BF3 is lanched a pop up box from windows states Bf3 has stopped working. Start "Install/Re-Install Punkbuster Service" Punkbuster should be up-to-date right now and a restart is recommended. Even Punk Buster support understood that its a program I had that its causing the kick. Updated BF3 like i have done twice before with offical 3.4 updater from punkbuster.Double click on PBSetup.exe, and follow the on screen instructions.

For my app, auditing may be required so the answer here is not to stop auditing.PB files version (v2.292 l A1386) X/pb_[4shared.com] Vq IOJ/pb_[2shared.com] You don't need to uninstall/reinstall Punkbuster if you're sure you already have it running and updated.***** To eliminate the crashing, these players should find and delete any files located on their hard drive associated with BF3 (use the Windows search feature).You can also send the address of this page to your smartphone email account, then click on the link.

USPS Rate Update Instructions: Connect your meter as you would when refilling postage.

Do not unplug your meter at any time during this process.