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Leading members of the Quinn family dynasty have been caught on secretly filmed video footage discussing what appears to be a multimillion-euro cash deal in Kiev in January - a time when they were the subject of Irish High Court orders forbidding them from disposing of the family’s assets worldwide.The videos, which the Irish Mail on Sunday have had authenticated, are dated January 21 this year, a day on which Sean Quinn Jnr was in Kiev for a meeting with at least one of the people present, according to testimony he gave in the family's recent contempt of court case.Sean Quinn Jnr (off camera): 'We are not happy with $100,000 cash, but we will take it, obviously.Is there somewhere for us to put that today' Peter Quinn: 'Can we get a safe deposit box today...DISCLAIMER: This page is compiled from Russian Brides Cyber Guide visitor's comments only.All messages posted tell about personal experiences of their authors, and not necessarily reflect the position of Russian Brides Cyber Guide PLEASE NOTE: Photos used in most scams belong to other people.

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Set in a Kiev restaurant, the sensational recordings capture a tense meeting between Seán Quinn Jnr, Peter Quinn and two Russian-speaking businessmen who the Mo S understands may be representatives of Lyndhurst.In addition they too have been the subject of court orders which they are fighting in different jurisdictions.‘They write that he is denying the agreement,’ one of the Russian-speaking businessmen tells the other. From this point Peter Quinn appears to adopt a strategy of blaming others saying he has no choice but to continue testifying – even in a Kiev hearing scheduled for the following Monday – that the Lyndhurst assignment signature is a forgery.‘To stay out of jail, we have to deny we signed the contract.This would have followed Mr Quinn telling this to his legal advisors. I’m in breach of Irish injunction which you are aware of.‘And I have been instructed by court in Northern Ireland, if I want to stay out of jail, come here on Monday and testify.’ In the end, the hearing was adjourned to another date but the Mo S has confirmed that on January 23, Peter Quinn did sign an affidavit for the Ukrainian courts in which he denied the signature on the Lyndhurst assignment was his.‘I came here to discuss, to see, if I can get any comfort from you and I haven’t,’ responds Peter Quinn.

Suddenly one of the Russian-speaking men intervenes, speaking in broken English for the first time. Seán Quinn Jnr interjects to finish the sentence ‘…come over here and say he didn’t sign no agreement’.‘Unhappy,’ he answers. We are not happy that we are not getting paid our $100,000 now since January, we are not happy that we haven’t our five million, we are not happy that Peter has to come over here on Monday, or stay over here till Monday, and swear here in court…

When he hears this, one of the other men at the table speaks to his colleague in Russian, ‘So this is why he is denying his signature is on the agreement.