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And then he would go back to shaming my body and cheating on me with fat women and rubbing pictures in my face. I’m used to being treated like this by bigger people lol. Ever since that night, I’ve been really focused on my weight. She likes home cooked food more than baby food and fast food. But then one day during an argument, he called me anorexic. There’s other reasons why some people don’t drink whole milk. I’m also allergic to nuts, so I stay away from almond milk. I am so tired of hearing about how disgusting my weight is. Soy is not natural and is not good for adults in excessive amounts and is definitely not good for developing children. You started throwing me off after you started speaking about breakfast and milk. But when I go to coffee shops and etc, I can’t eat or drink most of their items.More accurately, an ongoing game of sour grapes, wherein those too lazy to change themselves will instead blame society for the fact that they're missing out on all the best parts of life. I can't help that I'm fat they're oppressing meeeee!!

Well, until I buy my island and found the Land of Common Sense, I’ll just have to add one more “privilege” thin women get: “They have attractive, marriage minded men fly from other countries to meet them.” Feature Friday is possibly a semi-regular feature of Western Women featuring information regarding the state of women in Western culture. -M littletinypancakes-deactivated2 asked: Here's my issue with most of these blogs (yours and those similar). When I’m outside, I’m looking at my reflection in every window. My ex, aka, BD and I were in limbo over our relationship as a family. And then he used his weight against me on July 14,2015. Everyone and their moms want to have conditions now. -M Anonymous asked: Even when I was overweight, nearing obese, the whole fat acceptance/thin privilege thing never sat right with me, I didn't believe in it. If you have anything to add or feel that this post contains errors, please submit corrections in postings below and I will be happy to review them.

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What pisses people like us off is people like you who make excuses for everyone. It pretty much boils down to the amount of calories you eat and how active you are. You all should be held to the same legal punishment. Not everyone is fat because they stuff their mouth with unhealthy food and most of you don't seem to tolerate or accept that either.

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    In theory, this is the "privilege" that thin people earn for being thin, including not being perceived as lazy, lower healthcare costs, increased likelihood of finding a sexually attractive partner, increased earnings potential, and more.…
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