South korea expat dating

You meet a guy, guy is nice and sweet and attentive and you hang out and have coffee and talk in English; repeat ad nauseam. Well, if you’re following the two points above, it should be easier to avoid.You think it’s the start of a budding fresh new relationship, he thinks it’s awesome that he’s getting free tutoring! It might still be all about English and you don’t know it yet. If you’re also studying Korean, make sure that the language exchange is at least 80/20 or something like that.4.) Don’t Let Yourself Be Used For English If you are a Western girl living in South Korea, you are most likely an English teacher and this can be a sticky situation because maybe you don’t mind being used for English at first but sooner or later, you’re gonna get burned.All of my friends and myself included, we all ran into this problem multiple times.Sometimes this would happen after I had very long open conversations with him about the fact that I was tired of the reputation that Western women have in Korea and that I wasn’t interested in casual sex!