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This research is not comprehensive but rather a small sample of LEOs arrested and does not include federal law enforcement.Without institutional support, conducting a complete study of all local, state and federal law enforcement has not been possible.Jonathan Gamson, a 53 year old Sergeant with Tampa Police Department(TPD) in Florida, was arrested, 25 October 2010, on child pornography charges.He pleaded guilty, 4 February 2013, to one count of child porn possession in exchange for three other counts to be dropped and was sentenced, , to four years and nine months in jail followed by 10 years of supervised release.Harding was caught in a Kik chatroom called #toddlerfuck.

Imagine, as you read these arrests, you are a parent reporting to police your child has been raped, or is missing or trafficked.Gamson possessed at least one image/video of a baby being raped and images/videos that showed a “little girl was bound and blindfolded and then photographed while someone sexually assaulted her.” The “little girl who was “hung by her wrists from the ceiling.” Investigators said the images, dating to 2006, are “sadistic” and “horrific.”Gamson was involved with TPD’s Sexual Predator Identification and Notification Program and, in 1999, was lead officer in an application to the Herman Goldstein Award.Tampa Police Department allowed Gamson to continue working, while he was free on bond, from October 2010 until , when he retired with his filed marked “Retired: Not involving misconduct” enabling him to receive his $6,253 per month government retirement. Robert Geist, a 44 year old Police Chief of Brecknock Township, Pennsylvania, was arrested, December 2013, on multiple child pornography charges.My research was out of date almost as soon as I hit publish.

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