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The crucial scene shows the family roused at night by what sounds like two gunshots fired outside.The men rush out, heavily armed, as viewed through the greenish tint of a night-vision camera."Ninety-five percent of the people pretty much saw the farce there," Lorenz said by phone last week. " Berenz wrote in an online post published Wednesday."I compare it to wrestling, professional wrestling, as far as reality TV goes. "Look, I know law enforcement is probably pretty stretched in these parts, but I think death threats and someone shooting at you is probably enough to get a visit from Alaska State Troopers (a whole different show!

The fireworks "posed an imminent threat to the safety of the flight and the three individuals on the aircraft." Up in the helicopter, Daniel Zatz was filming when his pilot spotted a green flash an estimated 40 or 50 feet from the R44, he said."The family members came in when they were filming only. Still, Lorenz continued, the overall feeling was negative.He published an editorial in October 2012 that referenced "skeptical residents" wondering about a film crew with more than 20 members from the Lower 48 asking around for airplanes, horses and single women.Nyní si můžete prohlédnout seznam a fotografie žen, které jsou ve vaší oblasti. Klikněte na tlačítko pokračovat a vyhledávejte na základě vaších odpovědí.

Life in Copper River country appears to have proven too real for the stars of the "Alaskan Bush People" reality television show, who last week announced to viewers the need to flee their new homestead.

The "Fight or Flight" episode, which repeats this week, starts with this message: "The Discovery Channel was given permission to document the life of a secluded Bush family.