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A few of the contributors to the Goodtime Weekly Calendar of 1963 have been anonymous.This week we have another mystery photog (or perhaps the same single person who shot all the anonymous photos), and an image of an unknown model paired with a winged statuette. We’re back on schedule with Goodtime Weekly and a page for today in 1963 featuring none other than Jayne Mansfield, who's making her third appearance for the calendar.We can tell you she was shot by renowned pin-up photog Ron Vogel, if that helps. The week’s quips are below, and for a change a couple of them are actually clever. We’ve seen at least two of those photos before in other magazines, however After a peek behind the scenes of the Miss Universe pageant, readers get a profile of Ernest Hemingway’s most recent trip to Spain.Apr 7: “Girls who accept rings from men they don’t know are telephone operators.”—Sam Cowling Apr 8: Why girls kiss and make up? Apr 9: Think now or pay later: Are your in-laws legalized charities? Hemingway was visiting the Festival of San Fermin in the Basque Country town of Pamplona in order to see how his favorite sport of bullfighting had fared in the years since he’d last visited.Trujillo did date and bed both Gabor and Novak in real life, which makes this cover technically accurate, and makes him the second most enviable Dominican jet-setter in history.Ramfis Trujillo reportedly gave most women that frisson some find irresistible, but his life wasn’t all starlets and champagne.It billed itself as “a magazine of excitement”, and we have to agree.

She’s described here as possessing the “assets of Hedy Lamarr, Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe” all at once.Reading the article, we’d venture to say that the debate was at about the same place as that over global warming today.Here’s a choice line from the piece: “Elsewhere in the issue you get Zsa Zsa Gabor behaving badly on an airplane and a penetrating report on whether Danish girls sleep around. According to The Lowdown, the doctor and researcher Kirsten Auken (a real person, by the way) discovered that only 1.4% of Danish wives were virgins when they married. But the piece concludes on this note: “Danish girls do not sleep around.Anyway, that’ll finally do it for this issue of The Lowdown. is, and we probably never will, because this is the last of his contributions to Goodtime Weekly, and in fact the entire calendar ends next week.

If you want to see the cover, click over to our original post here. W., who produced nice images for September and December, returns this week with another nice glamour shot of an unknown model. That’s right, we’ve gone through fifty-one images and have one more to go.

Elsewhere readers learn that women have a natural propensity to lie, Mexico is wonderful because every man can afford a mistress, and insomniacs can't sleep because they're thinking about sex all night.