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But I didn't liked the fact that Fedora is so stripped down with not so much software (no VLC, are they kidding?? These seem the 2 full-featured Linux distros out there.I did got to know that the main difference between Mint and Korora is the package management - DEB vs RPM. Korora ISO is a lot more heavy than Mint, is it because it has more software?Mint Source will be integrated with Displayways and its founder Sue Woods, who established Mint Source 12 years ago, will stay on as a consultant for 12 months to manage her existing client base.Woods has previously held directorships and senior management positions with companies including Service Graphics and Photobition.She approaches business with a high level of integrity and is well known in the industry for her vast experience,” said Kelly.“Sue’s clients are at the top end of the market where they want a service and are not just buying on price.If they send a job your way they want you to manage the job and come up with the solutions of how to do it.”He added: “The acquisition of Mint Source fits perfectly with our strategy to grow our market share at the bespoke end of the display graphics market.“Displayways are renowned for providing graphics and display solutions for unusual, complicated and difficult applications and Sue has the same philosophy and approach to the market whereby we both provide a consultancy to clients who want and need the highest level of support.”Rob Kelly and Peter Sheldrick acquired Displayways in 2012.

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The problem with Fedora is that I had to install mp3 codecs, flash plugin, etc to make it work properly. In fact even a newbie like me I managed to install them. After some search I found Korora and I also got to know Mint.Seven Elk commemorative coins of the Bank of Russia issued within the framework of the famous Preserve our World series became the coin of the year at the 10th International Coin Competition Coin Constellation-2016 The Moscow Mint has produced commemorative silver plaquettes dedicated to the 700th anniversary of birth of reverend Sergius of Radonezh, the founder of the Holy Trinity-St.Sergius Laura and a patron saint of Russia The collection was exhibited at the State Museum of Oriental Art on July 11 - 27, 2014.Hi I'm a total linux newbie and I'm looking for a Linux distro that is easy to work with.

I've started with Fedora 20 simply because I think is a very popular distro, but it has it's downsides.

Thanks to this, you can try the newer release on your computer and see if your hardware is recognized without installing and before upgrading.

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