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If she seems to like that (go ahead, ask), consider taking it further the next time around. "How hard one should spank depends on the person," says Emma Taylor, one half of the sex-writing duo Em and Lo and coauthor of Laidie Magenta is a dominatrix in the big leagues of New York City.Grab neckties, silk scarves, or a pair of stockings. Heed Laidie Magenta's instructions; do not displease her: "BDSM can be dangerous if embarked upon by someone inexperienced and too eager.Consider this a fun starter guide to kink's simpler pleasures—and leave the truly freaky stuff to the Germans. BDSM stands for bondage, domination, submission, and masochism.For now let's address the B and a little D, which is more popular than you might think.D., a clinical sexologist, reminds us that while men are visually stimulated, "women are more aural.As long as there are lots and lots of sounds, a woman can find the enjoyment.""My husband and I bought a digital camera for our trip to South America.

Amanda, a 27-year-old advertising saleswoman, is typical: "I'm a pretty confident, successful career woman.We would take turns: He would hold on to the headboard and I'd do my thing, then we'd switch.I like feeling that he could just have his way with me and I'd be powerless to stop him.It's total trust, and that's sexy." —Carley, 26, social worker CAMERAS/ACTIONSo you want her to be a Hilton? Only 15 percent of the women in our survey had videotaped their bedroom antics, presumably because of what happened to Paris and other Web victims. If she's skittish but cooperative, hand her the tape as soon as you're finished, or destroy it once you've had your fun with it.

That said, "to see what we look like in the heat of passion fulfills our deepest curiosity about something primal in our lives," says Candida Royalle, author of . If it's a keeper, lock it in a separate location, far from the VHS copies of Everybody Loves Raymond. She and her boyfriend did that after she retired from making porn.

That inspired us to set up the camera on the nightstand while we had sex.