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They arrived at approximately after calling the manager on the way and learning Jenn’s car was not there.The Kesse’s would not leave their missing daughter’s home for 8 months as it became the “Find Jennifer Kesse” headquarters.Enroute to her condo at Mosaic at Millenia Jenn was gushing about her trip as each family member passed the phone.This conversation will be the last time Jennifer’s family heard her voice.The pepper spray she had to remove from her keys due to flight regulations lay on the dresser she restored herself.Her blow-dryer was on the vanity, her pj’s lay on the bath mat outside of the shower, the mail she retrieved when she got home from work stacked neatly on her counter.When Jenn misses an am meeting the following Tuesday morning, Joyce Kesse gets a call that Jenn did not make it in, and as every Mother very close to their daughter does, she KNEW.

We do not know how or why, and we really have nothing to go on.” If you can possibly imagine hearing those words, which is exactly what Drew and Joyce Kesse were told about their missing daughter Jennifer in 2010.Croix spent with friends and members of Rob’s family was an important one for the relationship.Jenn phoned her family from the island, and was jubilant.As often happens during Caribbean rendezvous- things gelled for the couple, and they decided that they wanted to take the next steps and move in together.