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These are the days of the super auto: bigger, stronger, faster.Although, there are plenty of compact modern classics for micro-growers too. Autoflowering cannabis can survive with as few as 5 hours of sunlight per day.10l–20l plastic pots/containers with plenty of drainage holes in the bottom are perfect. Many growers are finding out the hard way that small pots are unsuitable for the larger, modern auto hybrids.Be prepared to make daily adjustments to your grow lamp to avoid scorched foliage.The biggest difference between photoperiod and autoflowering cannabis is that the clock is ticking for an auto the moment the shell of the seed splits open.The post-germination life cycle of the vast majority of modern autoflowering strains is 8–12 weeks total.Unlike photoperiod cannabis, autos do not require the common 12-12 light schedule to transition to bloom.An autoflower will progress through its life cycle regardless of the light-dark cycle.

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You develop a personal vision on fashion design that you bring to life in collections and styling concepts.In this blog, we break down everything you need to know to grow great ganja with autoflowering seeds.When we talk about autoflowering cannabis at Royal Queen Seeds, we are referring to the contemporary hybrids created in the last 10 years.After graduation you use your insights and skills to buy, produce and sell apparel in the most effective way possible.

Next to that you're able to offer answers to questions about sustainability.

During and after your studies you can take advantage of the excellent contacts that AMFI maintains with the international fashion industry and business community.