Dating your singer sewing machine

If your machine is the 3/4-Size model with the 12 to 13 inch Bed (30cm to 32cm) then you have the Model 128.Look at the pictures below to confirm your machine's identity.Now look at the front of your machine and just above the large Knob/Dial there may be a 1 inch (2.5cm) Round Chrome Knob that is used to attach a Flat Cam.As a point of interest, this model, for which Singer obtained a patent (PT.#8294), bears the serial number 22 which dates it to 1850. From 1850 to 1858 Singer produced only heavy manufacturing sewing machines.Select the answer that best describes your machine. With TWO Narrow Slide Plates you have either the Model Series 27/28 or the Model Series 127/128. Locate the Bobbin Winder on your machine and select the answer that best locates its position., you have a Singer Model 127 or 128.

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This will be done by determining what PATH the thread takes when winding the bobbin.The third family machine "New Family" was manufactured form 1865-1883.In 1883 the "Improved Family" machine appeared and in 1885 the VS1 (Viberating Shuttle), in 1886 the 27 / 28 and in 1912 through the 1950's 128 / 128 were manufactured and sold.Also, any Singer machines made for INDUSTRIAL/COMMERCIAL use are not covered here at this time.

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