Dating selfish women

I am sure there are other reasons, I chose to focus on the one most prominent in my mind.As we evolve as humans, these types of belief structures are being challenged in a huge way and it is to decide what resonates as positive or negative beliefs.If we are taught that a worthy guy will jump through hoops to prove he’s not just a sex hungry pig, it is easy to see why a lot of females have the unconscious belief structures they do about the opposite sex.I have a daughter myself and I have no idea what values her father will instill in her when it comes to other men.I was taught to be emotionally selfish when it came to the opposite sex in order to protect myself.I was also taught at a very young age that a Knight and Shining Armor would come rescue me from my slumber.Mackey is a man of many talents: he’s a writer, artist, entrepreneur, photographer, and fashion designer. But, in my experience, it is a rare woman who actually considers what a man has gone through and doesn’t dump her past on him expecting him to fix it.” I sank in my seat, his words reverberating in my consciousness.

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Why is it women expect men to fix things they can’t fix for us?If men and women are to understand one another their must be healing and space. YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHAT YOU BELIEVE AND WHERE YOUR BELIEFS COME FROM.Going into something new with all your old shit hovering over you clouds your mind, your sight and it burdens the men you choose.A daughter is the ultimate prize in the eyes of her father, and a lot of dads could give two shits about a man’s feelings or his hurt, especially when it comes to his baby girl.

Most father’s instill this idea that a man needs to care, provide, and protect his precious girl, and that’s one of the main reasons a lot of women can be emotionally selfish.

Apparently he had gone on a date with a woman who was telling him all about her past betrayals and how her ex did this and that to hurt her, then she flat out told Mackey he was going to have to prove himself to her because of everything she’s been through. How many times had I believed that if a man truly loved me, would heal my wounds, fears, and take my pain away?