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For years I felt like some anti-social hermit because I got uncomfortable at big parties or in other stimulating social situations.But I also felt confused, because I loved going to my favorite bars and hanging out with a group of friends, even when that group consisted of a lot of people.This realization immediately made talking to other people less intimidating.You’re not the only shy, introverted person – far from it.I was so fixated on the (very) small number of people who actually are naturally social, I couldn’t see the hundreds of average, introverted and shy people lined up behind them.

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Naturally we’re left with the impression that this is how we should be, too.“The more you focus on negativity, the more synapses and neurons your brain will create that support your negative thought process,” write Susan Reynolds and Teresa Aubele in .Think of your brain as a sort of sponge: it soaks up what you put into it.But Cain’s book is essentially devoted to making the case that this isn’t true: introversion is not just “OK” – in its own way, it’s actually awesome.

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