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While the cell phone has become the perfect tool for some in today’s modern dating world, it’s become the worst of enemies for others.What’s a person to do without knowing the proper cell phone etiquette for dating?! Unfortunately, your male counterparts are not as evolved.

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Save conversations that require multiple sentences for an in-person conversation. In the same way you would want someone to be patient with you if you were busy, let the party on the other end of the phone answer when ready.Look, everyone knows that most people in 2013 keep their phones close.If you’re at work and don’t have time to respond right away, a polite way to let someone know is to simply let them know you’re at work and you’ll respond when you have a moment.You just text him a day or two later and say, “Hey, ‘Zombies on Mars’ comes out Friday at the Cineplex 20.

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    How Women Can Follow Up After a First Date. but when it comes to dating etiquette. Guys often feel too guilty to call after they’ve dropped the ball for a.…