Code for dating bone china

Online sites and some retailers offer replacements for your china set, but you first need to identify the name or number of the pattern.Start by looking for the manufacturer’s hallmark or the artist’s signature and then narrow down the production date to help find the exact pattern.

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The website, Royal Albert Patterns, is great for providing information about Royal Albert back stamps over the years.From 1860, Wedgwood introduced an impressed mark to the back of the china with the year of manufacture as part of a 3 character code.The format of the code changed over the years but there are some good guides available that explain what the codes mean.You might be wondering why I’m obsessed with looking at the underside of pieces of china.

Well, this is where the ‘back stamp’ is most often placed. It can either be a mark identifying the maker of the china or a signature of the maker.

We’ve been collecting china for a while and are getting to a stage where we can now sometimes identify the make and approximate age of a piece before checking out the back stamp.

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